Welcome to The Joyful Hearts Baby Clinic

Martie Le Roux
Martie Le RouxSuster
Joyful Heart’s Baby Clinic lives and breathes a philosophy of a famous quote:

“A Joyful Heart is the inevitable result of a heart burning with love” Mother Theresa

Being a mother of three I know first hand that all parents only wants what is best for their babies, and I intend to provide a service to fulfil the needs and expectations of    all  parents and their little miracles   entrusted to the Joyful Hearts Baby Clinic. Our mission is to offer a single point of service to new and prospective parents in the supply of total  care of outstanding quality during the ante natal period, extending through the post natal period.

The Netcare values are firmly embedded in our business through the privatization of the Storks Nest at Montana Hospital. We have Passion for our work, clients and the wellness  of each and every baby and parent that will enter our environment. Clients will be treated with Respect and Dignity and their privacy will always be respected and protected. We    strive to always provide the best Care to all prospective parents, babies and new parents. By giving education and a constant supply of information to parents we Participate in  the wellness and upbringing of healthy children.We will provide a service based on a cornerstone of truth and honesty, to nurture a trusting relationship and to ensure delighted  clients.


Here you will find information on all the products and services our clinic provides. We are a certified Netcare Stork Nest Baby Clinic and located on the premises of Montana Netcare Hospital in Pretoria. We provide services like Ante Natal Classes, Vaccination, Cosmetic Ultrasound sessions as well as Mother and Baby Wellness. Please browse the site for more detailed information in any of the services listed.

Carla Brecher
Carla BrecherSuster
My name is Carla Visagie, employed by Sr Martie at Joyful Hearts Baby Clinic.  I’m engaged and will get married in September 2018 to my best friend.

I completed my BCur Nursing Degree in General, Midwifery, Psichiatry and Community in 2016 at University of Pretoria. I was employed as a student by Steve Biko Academic Hospital and during that time of my studies I rotated in all the different departments and wards of the hospital.

Since my studies at the University of Pretoria, I have developed a keen interest in Baby Wellness and Growth Monitoring. This area of nursing attracts me as I feel that as a registered nurse I have the responsibility to advocate for those who are unable to advocate for themselves.

Although I might seem a bit young to some, I can assure you my passion and love for children is endless and I am able to provide a service/advice for the mothers where they can feel free to come for health education so that they can feel comfortable at taking care of their babies.